Ooh Nice Rant

Nobody does doom and gloom like this guy:

In this Fascist Business Model, the ruling elite have all the marbles, make all the rules, enforce those rules, protect their friends, collude with fellow agencies, abuse the power of government posts to further their cause of accumulation for wealth and power. For evidence, check the court decisions, the regulator actions (see SEC and CFTC), the lack of convictions inside Wall Street firms (see Enron, WorldCom, Tyco), the overturned convictions of minor Wall Street players (see Quattrone), the debt rating agencies sitting on their hands (see Fitch), the outsized short positions of gold & silver and other commodities like natural gas, the initial public auctions of Chinese banks (see ICBC). The gradually realized outcome of the Fascist Business Model, and why the elite love it, is that the Middle Class is drained, and the poor remain ever poorer. It is not a coincidence that the merger of the USGovt and big industry has occurred while the US Middle Class has suffered a tragic income reduction since the 1970’s. Pay no attention to official income statistics, which are a woefully concocted spew. They reduce nominal income by a grossly inadequate degree, greatly distorting any reduction from price inflation. A constant income over the past six years would have declined in real terms by 7% to 11% each year. That is roughly a 50% decline in real terms!!!

This actually sounds… accurate. I have to say the picture painted isn’t too far removed from the reality I inhabit, where most of US are pushed around, bullied, deceived, and pummeled into submission by the seven headed hydra I like to call big gummint, corporations with deeply ingrained fraudulent practices (ever have to have your grandparents phone service cancelled because of all the boiler rooms operated by Wall Street firms? I did) who have the appearance (pretense) claim legitimacy- but you and I know we’re undergoing a full frontal and dorsal assult (yes, they get us coming and going) and if you ever shake hands with one of these greasy ‘turds you know instinctively to count your fingers.

If you ever read any history about the “market,” you start to get a sense what shady slimeball characters Mellon, Carnegie, Morgan, Rockelfeller, Harriman et al were.

The fact that we had not one but two (2!) unqualified Bushes in the head office just goes to show you who is really running things.

In case there was ever doubt.

The sword cuts both ways, y’know
For fascicsts “conservatives” who have long awaited the edge in the Supreme Court that they now enjoy, take a moment and breathe it all in.

You shall reap your just desserts.


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