… it took six months to get here?

Criminy, what a bunch of wusses!

Can you hear me now!?!

Bush Leaguers
It’s official: the man who is really in charge is not the one elected.

It is well known that Cheney is usually the last to speak to the president before Bush makes a decision.

He “helps” him to “decide.”


Ariel Bender
“You can bend but never break me, I’m flexible.”

(with a nod and a wink in the general direction of Martin Mull)

Breaking it isn’t necessary for certification, but Bair says the wing is so strong and flexible that there’s been talk that maybe it could be bend far enough for the wingtips to touch above the fuselage—or come quite close.

Not Advice
Short on BSC?

This chap makes a good case [Bloomberg] of why you might think that’s an idea worth investigating.

Naming it “High-Grade Structured Credit Strategies Enhanced Leveraged Fund” should have been the first clue. Only hubris produces such monstrosities.

I bet the same person named their children Elektra and Oedipus, or Tristan and Isolde (or Miss Buffy and and Master Damien).

Open House
There could be strange goings-on at your empty house, if you happen to have unrented or vacant property idling, awaiting the inevitable rise in property value ‘cos you know real estate value never goes down (suckah!) .

Apparently flim-flam artists have seen the signs and all these empty houses, and decided this might just make the perfect venue to rent.

Not for themselves, mined ewe- they’re pretending to be the landlord.

I gots your deposit right here.

Got Juice?
The headline says it all [LABJ]:

Hansen Executives Unload Options

The sales come after Hansen filed its final delinquent earnings report last week to put itself back in compliance with Nasdaq Stock Market listing rules.

That qualifies as insider trading, doesn’t it? These bozo’s surely must know what is meant by “unintentional accounting errors,” capiche?


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