Certain Uncertainty

Shares in USA, Inc. common stock are shrinking
… and have been since 1974. News? Of course not.

Just pat your wallet.

It’s just that now, from the summit, it’s easier to look back and see how far we’ve come… but the goggles are fogging up, and if that’s an ice storm ahead, I think mebbe I want to turn around.

Hey! What’s going on! The earth uderneath my shoes is crumbling. WTF?!?

If your company had to borrow $2 for every $1 of income it generated, how would your investors feel about your business? If the trend continued and for some reason your business stopped growing, or even contracted, investors are going to want to sell your stock.

An scenario like this (“shareholder dilution”) might make the creditors consider shutting the doors. I know I would!

Where are the adults here?
If you look at the way the frenzied people left their common sense behind and let themselves be lured into excessive debt during the housing bubble, you start to see a parallel. It is uncanny how in a very similar way the government of these people behaved (“deficit spending”). Coincidence? I think not.
But you may wonder, are enough of the people aware of the geo-political forces at play?
Of course not. But IYAM, there is a collective unconscious that picks up hints and queues, and then acts, just as it has been trained to do. “It’s patriotism, stupid.”
And of course now, just one glance over at your leaders is enough to incur nausea, because then you you start to realize, these are the ones you elected- because they resemble you the most (of the poor choices on offer).
You only need to see who is (nominally) in charge to recognize that we get the government we deserve.
Collective guilt or wake-up call?

You decide.

Oh Eh, Fendi
Seems like Wally-mart has just given up any pretense to trying to be a good world and corporate citizen. BTW, check out the prices- they weren’t exactly giving them away!

Oh hey, Bill Gates, is what is good for the goose also good for the gander? I wonder if being being a hypocrit is patentable? If so, I hereby make the first claim!

Nothing but the best political appointees money (or party loyalty) can buy. Yeeee-haw!

At least one-third of the immigration judges appointed by the Justice Department since 2004 have had Republican connections or have been administration insiders, and half lacked experience in immigration law, Justice Department, immigration court and other records show.



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