May 29 After a 50% Longer Weekend

What is Good for Goose is so for Gander
As this article from USA Today points out, our nation’s deficit is larger than reported.

How is that possible?

Because the same accounting standards that are legislated for corporations are not followed by your US gummint, that’s how.

Clueless Bush realized if he couldn’t make a play to disable social security, he’d take it out laterally when he nuked the economy.

A very sobering, straightforward article for these drunken, crooked times.

So in a nutshell: Medicare and Social Security are not true liabilities “because government can cancel or cut them.”

That’s your sacrifice for Cheney’s folly, then, Mr. and Mrs. Middle class American.

Have a nice day.

So Much for States Rights
One of the basic philosophies of the “Reagan Revolution(tm)” was to put more power back into the hands of state and local governments.
That never happened of course, and subsequently each Republican administration has actually tried to outdo the other’s big government aspirations- even that of the so-called big government Democratic administration.

Go figure.

Now we have the potential coup de grace that will allow this administration (and subsequent Republican administrations- you know they have the elections sewn up in a bag somewhere) impose martial law on US.

If they can keep us in a perpetual state of war, the gold standard for government control, then almost any breach puts US in a state not unlike the Soviet Union.


You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Corporations Have Freedom of Speech, Not US
I watched an fascinating documentary over the weekend about the tragedy of the fourth estate in this once great nation.

Even though it was prduced way back in 2003, the basic tenets ring even truer today.

Is corporate control of the media a conflict of interest? Yep.

Do large media lob softball questions? Yep.

Does large media fail to report complex stories? Yep.

If competition is good, why then has competition been virtually eliminated by the industry-written Telecommunications Act of 1996? How does this act serve democracy in America, exactly?

How closely recent developments in this nation have to the book 1984 by George Orwell are simply stunning.

Unjust Enrichment
The NYT has a short piece about the private company that wants US to hand over our hyooooge quantities of uranium because, and you gotta appreciate this, it shows true chutzpah-

“Essentially, it would be a win-win situation for everybody”

As US Rep. John Dingell points out, this company, United States Enrichment Corporation, has a firm grasp on reality:

“[USEC has] squandered resources on multimillion-dollar golden parachutes, stock buybacks and dividend payments that frequently exceeded their earnings.”

So USEC wins, to the tune of “$750 million to $3 billion” and the American people win because… wait, what does the American public get out of this sweetheart deal?

Oh yeah, the short end of the stick.

So, business as usual then. You! Back to work! {whip}

Lecture time
This lecture is a little too late for some folks- the ones that wanted to grab the “American Dream” with 100% mortgages, gain instant equity, utilize Option ARM’s, flip for instant profit(tm) or believed the Realtor(tm) when they told them real estate only goes up.

So if your common sense abandoned you (or you it) and you can’t make next month’s $10,000 interest only payment, consider this a learning opportunity.

And sell it quick, home prices might not be this high for a few years!


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