Classless by Nature

The US used to be a nation that prided itself on its classless nature.

Sure, historically there have certainly always been economic, educational, and racial disparities- people of every nation suffered those.

But we were made to be different.

We allowed people the opportunity to rise above their humble origins, and succeed, evolve, through their own effort. Recognizing just how much difficulty there was in “breaking the mold,” we also cared enough to establish programs to assist those among us who were caught in the endless cycle of poverty and despair, and a few broke through.

Sure, there hasn’t ever been a perfect system, but ours worked and it was Good Thing to Do. And we did a lot of good. And, we felt good about it.

The measure of “class” can be represented as a coefficient. As this article points out, the US at a current rating of 47 is approaching the level-

“prevalent in Latin America, (Argentina 52, Mexico 55, Brazil 60) which has historically exhibited a politics characterized by deep alienation between classes, producing as rulers an unpleasant collection of corrupt oligarchs and irresponsible leftists.”

Is it the end of our classless society? In the long term view, we were only getting started. I feel that a corner has somehow been turned, and people here now no longer care, and want to slam the door shut behind them, and padlock it to boot.

Am I wrong?

Prison Life 1932
This meaty little morsel
is a blast from the past. It’s a record- part scrapbook, part journal- a veritable collection of big house life and lit. Who knew such things were recorded? It’s a socio-document of prison life in San Quentin prison, 1932. An historical record of what life was like in the US for a narrow segment of society, the lower strata, in the depths of the Great Depression, and destined 2b forgotten- just like yours and mine surely will be- but which has somehow surfaced on of all places eBay.

Ain’t the web grand?

Something like this I suspect is priceless to historians and niche buffs alike (and I’m watching the item, not that it’ll go for anything within my range).

And yet it survived.

Will blogs?

This type-written record is replete with many photos and is juicy with period words, language and prose such as “inwrapped,” and

“it surely is an exquisite memento of the trip and the many occasions which transpired are, in all, brought back vivdly to memory.”

That last bit was on the stationary of the “Last Hatch Incubator Company, In. Hatchers and Shippers of White Leghorn Baby Chicks, Petaluma, California.”

Some curious bios- of suicides and inmates, penitentiary events (their very own Olympiad), and what appears 2b some kind of cross dressing carnival.

It’s not stated who the author might be, but maybe Dr. Leo Stanley, the prison doctor?

Whoever the lucky bidder be, I suggest you get this into a printer or publisher and sell copies. I hear eBay is a good place for that sort of thing. Or Amazon.

The Bush Family Still Dines on Nazi Gold
This article at the BBC website is a bit dated (2004) but not out of date. I’m going to put some effort in over the weekend to see if any of the lines of inquiry or pending investigations developed further.

This goes into great detail about the shady dealings made by bankers and corporations that did business with Germany up to- and after- World War 2.

It’s intereting that Prescott Bush was in cahoots at the bank UBC with that most detested railroad magnate E.H. Harriman’s scion.

Thick as thieves, this lot.


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