Today’s Agenda

After (nearly) 50 years, I’ve suddenly become lactose intolerant. WTF?

At one of the blogs I regularly read is a well delineated view of how greed has affected- or should I say infected- US, comparing symbolism from the Japanese movie Ugetsu. Tis the entry dated May23.

I have generally found I like what Mr. Smith has to say. I recognize his world view as not too far removed from my own- although he is far more edumacated, eloquent and intelligent than I. He has a Blogger version too, if you prefer.

I just started the book “Reminiscences of a Stock Operator” upon his recommendation. For something written in the early part of the last century, the similarity of markets and crowd psychology (a.k.a. herd mentality) way back then to today’s environment make it timeless.

So little has changed, and this book has really opened my eye to things which I’ll assume market traders already knew (if they do not, I suppose it is at their peril) (like I give a damn), but I surely did not.

It’s like finding the Rosetta Stone for understanding the Market.

This new Monicagate(tm) with that religious freak Goodling (she of the high falutin’ qualifications that helped determined legal ramifications that affects each and every one of us) started today and all I will say right now is burn her! burn her! witch! burn her!

I read somewhere that the famous “boob draping” of the statues behind where former AG Ashcroft addressed the country, had a lot to do with her “influence.” Allegedly.


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