Laws of Unintended Consequence

In a good way ;^)

Look, as most discerning intelligent folks know, the war on drugs is a monumental waste of resources. It has been utilized and served only to beef up police departments so when the time comes, they can keep American citizens “in line” when the bad times come.

You only have to watch some early episode of Cops to see how local law enforcement used it to size the property of citizens over a few grams of pot.

Funny how drunk drivers are treated differently from your recreational drug user. Perhaps because many law makers find themselves getting pulled over while under the influence.

One of the great enablers of “the War on Some Drugs” was the passage of the RICO act during the Ronny Raygun Regime. Now, it has been misapplied over the years by “creative” district attorneys wanting to make a name for themselves.

Now, the Attorney General in Ohio (the state which has the nation’s highest foreclosure rate) wants to put it to use to prosecute sub-prime lenders (such as New Century) and the wall street firms that spurred them on.

I say: GRRRRREEEEAT in my best Tony the Tiger voice.

There certainly was theft at the barrel of a fountain pen going on. Fraudulent loans were being generated (with fraud on both sides of the desk) in record numbers, performed like business as usual, utilizing a tool (the Option loan) which was never intended to be used the way it was. They also relaxed underwriting standards. Coincidence? I think not.

All of this makes it apparent that the fraud was systemic, if not outright institutional.

So it’s a work of genius to put this “law,” instituted to help “government” fight another of it’s losing wars (remember kids, War is a Racket), on to the traders on Wall Street who love to put the hit job on Americans.

Of course, it is still early in the America Feeding on Itself theatre of the absurd that we’re going to see in the next few years. As bubbles are manufactured, and it’s everyone for himself, there are likely some rocky times ahead for people (“serfs”) because the portion of money that isn’t eaten away by inflation they’ll want to invest for retirment, and somehow that’ll be Hoovered away by some Enron and New Century enabling puppeteers with shit up to their elbows.

Why do you think the “Bushies” wanted to put their yes men in positions to decide who to prosecute?


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