Background Briefing

I’ve been a listener and intermittent subscriber to KPFK since the mid 70’s. I recall listening the day the LAPD raided the studio because they had received the latest SLA tape recording featuring Patty Hearst.

Ian Masters has been one of my Sunday morning radio habitués since the mid 1980’s. Back when Harry Shearer had his morning gig doing virtually whatever he wanted on another station (“Hellcats of the White House“). I’d then tune over to Ian Masters and then In Fidelity, the show for audiophiles, which seemed to vanish without a trace.

Ian’s been providing the most insightful political interviews broadcast anywhere in America via his program Background Briefing. Of course that means he’s virtually ignored by the mainstream press, my local paper (the LA Times), television (<haaaauck pthweeee>, yeah, right) not to mention (so I won’t) the other big “public” radio station in So Cal which happens to be located in the town of my birth. You know, the agenda driven sources.

Ian’s relative anonymity doesn’t mean he isn’t well connected- and he has hosted some great and timely guests (Joseph Wilson). He is also free to skewer the the pork bellies of sacred cows (I love a good mixed metaphor, don’t you?) that generally get off without blame and nary a mention or critical word, even when they’re (usually) behind the tragi-comic event du jour.

For the very first time that I can ever recall, the LA Times interviews Ian Masters. Which is as surprising as rainfall in August here in schweet schweet El Lay. Also surprising as the LAT is often pilloried by deniznes of both wings which artfully avoid truth.

But not our Ian.


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