The Banned Topic

What is global warming but a red herring?

I say this because it has become true.

Certain types (you know who you are) continue stoking the ‘myth-based’ fires, transforming this matter into a meme with political overtones in order to distract useful, thoughtful, constructive discussion away from something much more insidious and harmful, but altogether less glamorous than the often hysterical presumption that Americans are creators of their own doom. What is it?

Simply that pollution is wrong.

Clearly, those that pollute should do everything in their power to reduce the poisons being emitted into the atmosphere, into the water, that we all share.

Nobody, least of all a CEO, board of directors, or name your captain of industry, has a right to do it. It is plainly WRONG.

Companies should not have to be mandated. They should feel some responsibility. And yet… well, the perfect world example has long been retired in this era of Ayn Rand self-interest.

Unfortunately, with greed being the force that drives polluters (or those with an interest in their business) to obfuscate facts, this meme about the ‘myth of global warming’ has been, sad to say, successful.

No one ever said rational thinkers were anti-business, or that the intent is purely to subtract from profits. There have been attempts (long ago now) to shape or form new industries around the topic. But without the support and cooperation from those that contribute to the pollution problem (that includes you and me folks, or anyone that uses any form of mechanized transport, electrical power, food, etc.), these went nowhere.

There are people in industry that understand the problem from their side and perhaps aren’t willing to discuss it openly. Why? Perhaps this has something to do with do-gooders who confuse the real issues, and do not even know the limits of their own culpability. Let alone much about physics, and how frutiful industry has been, adding so much to our quality of life. Yet, want to take people to task, without being willing to listen.

Physics is pretty straightforward, but it’s a topic for left-brain thinking. Creative solutions are more likely to found through the use of the right brain. Politically divided as this hot topic has become, it’s time to put away the specious arguments, and speculative perspectives about what global warming is, and get down to the boring issue that is really at the heart of the matter.

I know it’s not as sexy, but then being responsible never was.


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