Myth Busting

That old myth about how a consortium of industrial “playas” (GM, Firestone, Exxon) conspired to rid Los Angeles of it’s red car rail system of public transportation to get the public to switch over to automobiles never really passed the smell test.

Yet proponents of “clean fuel,” conspiracy theorists, fixed rail utopians, and just plain old granolas (what, you don’t like your VW Transporters anymore?) loved to spread the rumor that evil corporate America robbed you of your right to, erm, not own a car and destroyed what could have been a different and more favorable (in their view) America that perhaps walked more and weighed less.

But… the facts are the facts (TM), as this well written article portrays.

As with most myths, it started out with a grain of truth about something completely different, and then got tweaked, or as our frienemies in Washington like to term it ‘spinned’ by people who would have you drive a Prius or, Ged forbid, an Impact.

C’mon, you didn’t really fall for that one too, didja?

Fuzzy Memory, meet Chronology. Chronology and Fuzzy memory, meet Ocham’s razor.


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