Conjuring History, or Be Who You Want to Be

American’s like reinventing themselves.

This fascinating article about LA’s Mayor Villaraigosa puts forth some interesting ideas about his past. Things often told by our mayor about himself and his early beginnings he sometimes later contradicts.

If the article is accurate, then it would appear the myth he has spun about himself, about childhood abuse and being raised by a single mother, might in actuality be closer to what many in this community consider a normal life.

Perhaps he had to create these myths in order to propel imself forward in life?

I don’t see anything harmful in this. Perhaps some folks would feel disappointed by a sort of dishonesty in order to gain sympathy.

But in the end, what is he but a man who still hates his father for leaving.

Interesting that his name, Villaraigosa, is made-up; a hybrid of his father and mother’s names.

That most politicians frame their lives using sound bytes and manufacture or ‘optimize’ ego-boosting facts about themselves is nothing new.

After all, each of us probably does this to some degree. Politicians are professionals at this sort of thing.

If you say something often enough, you can even convince yourself.


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