Web 2.0’s Very Own Henry Blodgett

Michael Arrington fancies himself a player.

I’ve seen his name or blog mentioned in Valleywag and other blogs, not really knowing what role he plays to get mentioned so often.

Apparently he is reaching a hungry audience, beying wolves getting impatient after the Youtube purchase by Google, hoping to get in on the next bubble (and out before it bursts).

Apparently, he enjoys playing fast and loose with web startups. He promotes them in his blog, and without doing any homework, investors call them up and fork over some moolah.

Nice gig!

Arrington might even be a minor investor if he likes your business model.

He’s even adept at bringing companies together- all in an effort to synergize! (After writing that last word, my sense memory awakened, and I could smell the sizzling aroma of something like fried AOL-Time Warner.)

Well, this riches-to-riches story might have a happy ending, but according to this article in the WSJ, he acts like a whirling dervish, a heavy self-promoter who shows all the signs of a confidence man.

Yeah, kind of like Blodgett.

This excerpt kind of tells you who he is:

“Mr. Arrington is a “very ambitious guy,” says Keith Teare, RealNames’s former CEO, who notes that Mr. Arrington hasn’t stayed at any job for longer than 18 months over the past 10 years. Mr. Teare adds that Mr. Arrington is “extremely focused on money. He wants to be rich.”


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