Finally, Something We’ve Been Waiting For

Seagate says they will encrypt hard drives.

How will it work? You will be asked for a password before the OS boots.

Great news for those of us who carry laptops- thieves will find them just as useless as they are (unless they’re qualified techies who can change to a normal, unencrypted drive-unlikely as thieves are by definition lazy no good bums).

And also beneficial for desktops users-

“Even data-recovery specialists would not be able to help if the assigned password somehow gets lost, said Scott Shimomura, a senior product marketing manager at Seagate.”

Brilliant, and I can’t wait.

Oh, one potential downside:Seagate is also testing them for use in digital video recorders; the article does not say toward what end tho’.  8^/

One word of advice: Don’t lose that password!


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