There’s a New Class Warrior in This Town

And they’re mightily pissed off.

The 1% of this country which owns and controls 99% of the wealth in this country (truly, everyone I know exists merely on crumbs) have a lower strata. And they’re quite miffed about the ostentatious display of the upper-uppers and their heirs, who do nowt.

Down here in the lower 99, life continues as normal. I have concern for my future financial health.  I wonder about fairness in this land. I continue to subject myself to ridicule when I suggest there should be no tax on labor, that corporations should pay the bills of the government. I wonder if decisions made by courts favor those who pay them under the table, or because they feel threatened or indebted financially (and if there were a way to ensure decisions of the court can be above suspect in these polarized-by-self-interest times).

So, all systems normal!


16th Amendment: WikipediaInterpretation
Federal Reserve Board: WikipediaInteractiveShhhh!


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