“A Clear Conflict of interest”

…and yet what is to be done about it? Will complaining help? Of course not.

It’s business as usual: the “gatekeepers” stubbornly refuse to let in the the new, which benefits all.

Artificial restraints. Outdated business models. A corrupted marketplace, where fleecing there is rampant of consumers. A push to inform. Information wants to be free. Yet our choices are narrow, and the exploitation of technology has been usurped by those that control the means of production. And we are lagging behind.

Those unpatriotic fucks at your telco and cabelco could care less about America.

Dvorak“the fact of the matter is that both the phone companies and the cable companies are public trusts. They are allowed to string their wires or dig their trenches by agreement. They have obligations. And as far as I know, screwing the public is not on their list of obligations.”

John Dvorak’s latest column provides some insights, as usual.

“Hey, yes! We’re number 16! We rock!”


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