Lecture time

One of the founders of YouTube shares his view on how startup web sites succeed (or don’t). Focusing on sites which preceded YouTube (tried presenting video for the masses), and what they learned from them. He shares his insight into how they brought together enabling and secondary technologies, how they marketed it, and when they came up with the ’embedded’ idea (which I didn’t know wasn’t there from the start).

Interesting to hear some of the names he mentions, and can’t help but wonder why they have/haven’t succeed to the same degree. Del.i.cio.us, Friendster, Six Degrees, Flickr, Hot or Not, Wikipedia.

The YouTube business model will allow the users to decide how to best use YouTube, and they will do whatever it takes to acccomodate them.

And Jawed, you don’t have to remind me why Real Player sucks!

Length: 51 mins. Listen-only works okay, especially if you are at work, as the video portion is kinda static (slides, and some short viddy). Oh yeah, the first minute or two is taken up with an introduction, so dont bail before he takes the stage!

“The next big thing will exploit newly emerging technologies.”

Want more? Here is Jawed interviewed on CNBC (~8 min.).

“He that is of the opinion money will do everything may well be suspected of doing everything for money.” -Ben Franklin

Doesn’t explain MySpace, Ben.

Rhetorical Question o’ da day: If Yahoo buys you, and not Google, does it mean that your creation is doomed to the graveyard?


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