We’re being screwed again

I’ve mentioned earlier that broadband here in the good ole USofA is a joke, and that is the experience of most people who care about it. The telcos and cablecos keep the valves controlling the ‘tubes’ turned way, way down, so we only get a trickle. But in Europe, the valves are open full stop, and over there they pay a fraction what we get charged. For higher speeds. It’s super-highway robbery, I tell you.

The VOIP companies come and go. Frankly, it’s tough, because they have to go up against the established players, and woo the techno-phobic as well. But they have pretty much made a mess of it, too. Packet8, Vonage, et al (excepting Skype) are not impressing me or my friends. I can cite anecdotal evidence from folks I know who have tried, and left (sometimes disgusted), from each of the well known players.

Now, mobile VOIP is getting launched in Europe, and while it’s having the expected teething problems, success is pretty much assured. Policies here in the good ole USofA, where government legislation always favors incumbents against upstarts, will never encourage it. So yet another new new technology fails to take hold here.

And once again, the technology revolution moves ahead, while we in the US pretty much get left behind.

That’s progress for you!


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