They’re Rich! I tell you, rich!

The personal wealth of elected and non-elected, Senate, Congressional, and Executive government officials is on display

There is no way to know how exact it is. A few (Cheney) probably have favors they can call up when they exit public life. Nothing like getting rewarded shares or options for a job well done.

I had no idea Jane Harman was the wealthiest person in Congress. How did that happen? I don’t mean to imply her wealth is illicitly gained. Just ignorant of the source of it.

***UPDATE*** Her husband is the founder of Harman Kardon. Ah.

***UPDATE*** From 1996
14. Rep. Jane Harman (D-Calif)

“* $15 million Wife of Sidney Harman, founder of Fortune 500
electronics company, Harman International Industries, which
manufactures high-end stereo equipment; her common stock in
the company worth well over $1 million; has other holdings
in various stocks, Treasury bills, real estate partnerships,
and four separate trusts; disclosure form shows net worth of
at least $7 million.”

Wow, you’ve come a long way bay-bay!

*** MORE***
“Like Mr. Kerry, Mrs. Harman (born 1945) gained her wealth by marriage (husband Sidney, born 1918). While at the Carter White House, she met the deputy secretary of commerce, Sidney Harman.The two [met during the Carter White House years, and] married in 1980.”


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