They call me Mr. Intensity

I sit behind three plexiglass panels that make up this three sided cube (minus the top and bottom). I sit here and compose email, browse other blogs, and wait for some task to come my way and keep me busy. Getting paid for this isn’t something I will complain about. Not here. It’s better on the whole than driving a truck, though that made me feel more useful.

But I’m not all about being used anymore (by the system). The clocks ticking- I just passed seven squared on the timeline and the more time to meself the better. I’ll do something wrthwhile someday, I hope

But my furrowed brow and seeming look of intense interest on my face lead my coworkers to believe I’m hard at work. Even though the blokes I am teamed with know better (they’re browsing eBay and the like).

This is what America feels like to me.

America is all about looking good and acting bad. Or is it good looking and bad acting? I’m so confused.


One Response to They call me Mr. Intensity

  1. Anonymous says:

    I work in a job that supposedly allows me complete freedom (intellectual freedom, that is), to go anywhere that is not specifically prohibited by law.

    That being said, however, there isn’t a lot of time any more for browsing. What’s worse is that the organization – a public entity serving taxpayers – has not bought or paid for enough bandwidth to satisfy people’s need for things like streaming media. With people using MySpace and other forms of streaming, I can’t do shit from 2:00 until I close at 7:00 p.m. or 8:00 p.m. What a nightmare. At least you have load balanced bandwidth.

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