Answers, I want answers

My PC is a Sony RC110G. Media Center XP. When I burn discs- admittedly the cheapest- I have a failure ratio of 4:1 (good:bad)
I’ve disabled all of the wonky DRM Scheisse (I knew this when I bought a Sony). But such a high number of bad dvd? And CD too, come toio think of it (again these would be Fry’s Famous GQ crap I know but they work most of the time).
So I bought a pack of 50 Sony discs (each of + & -) (half price at BestBuy) and wouldn’t you know it: first one is DOA. The second was okay tho. But I’m looking at a stack of ~25 that I’ve got assembled in front of me of rejects stacked under my 19″ lcd. WTF?
A quik google on groups can’t find much about this. Have I got a faulty writer? But it’s not that old, and most of the time I get a successful burn. I’m thinking of putting my 4X TDK in here just to say FU to the Sony.
What say you?


2 Responses to Answers, I want answers

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dude, I like can’t believe you didn’t try taking a can of compresed air and spray it in the drive bay. Like, duh. Works ever freaken time for me. Later bro.

  2. OK, I did that, and it worked. How was I to know? It’s a SOny, full of baloney, and I’d assumed the worse.–>

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