And the Biggest Pussy o’ the Week Award Goes to…

August 17, 2006

Troy Lee Gentry

When it comes to music my taste is pretty broad (i.e. EBC). So obviously I’ve never heard of this asshole. But since there are assholes like him in the justice system he’ll likely get off the hook with no more than a fine. If he wants to so desperately prove his manhood, why not go and fight in Iraq?

I thought not.

And what of these jackasses that provide this ‘service‘ for assholes like Gentry? This Abu Ghraib for animals is such a sick pathetic episode of Assholes in America that they deserve a statuette too.

Let’s hope there is justce for them all some day (I’ll take the zen path before my blood pressure pops the thermometer). ALF, r u lissening?


They call me Mr. Intensity

August 17, 2006

I sit behind three plexiglass panels that make up this three sided cube (minus the top and bottom). I sit here and compose email, browse other blogs, and wait for some task to come my way and keep me busy. Getting paid for this isn’t something I will complain about. Not here. It’s better on the whole than driving a truck, though that made me feel more useful.

But I’m not all about being used anymore (by the system). The clocks ticking- I just passed seven squared on the timeline and the more time to meself the better. I’ll do something wrthwhile someday, I hope

But my furrowed brow and seeming look of intense interest on my face lead my coworkers to believe I’m hard at work. Even though the blokes I am teamed with know better (they’re browsing eBay and the like).

This is what America feels like to me.

America is all about looking good and acting bad. Or is it good looking and bad acting? I’m so confused.

Post Anonymously

August 17, 2006

Now with this blog you can post anonymously. Yeah! No longer need to open an account. As you can tell from the vast silence out there in comment land, this is an attempt to solicit your input (hehe).

Okay, carry on!

Answers, I want answers

August 5, 2006

My PC is a Sony RC110G. Media Center XP. When I burn discs- admittedly the cheapest- I have a failure ratio of 4:1 (good:bad)
I’ve disabled all of the wonky DRM Scheisse (I knew this when I bought a Sony). But such a high number of bad dvd? And CD too, come toio think of it (again these would be Fry’s Famous GQ crap I know but they work most of the time).
So I bought a pack of 50 Sony discs (each of + & -) (half price at BestBuy) and wouldn’t you know it: first one is DOA. The second was okay tho. But I’m looking at a stack of ~25 that I’ve got assembled in front of me of rejects stacked under my 19″ lcd. WTF?
A quik google on groups can’t find much about this. Have I got a faulty writer? But it’s not that old, and most of the time I get a successful burn. I’m thinking of putting my 4X TDK in here just to say FU to the Sony.
What say you?