I can’t help but comment on last Sunday night’s episode of HBO’s Entourage.
The last few episodes were already suspect. Having guests stars for no purpose other than to have them a la Simpson’s (James Woods, how embarrassing for you)… no plot… and to just suddenly end because the timecode says so isn’t the way to create entertainment, people.
It was a fun show to watch evolve. Very entertaining how they presented the side of the biz the rest of us don’t get to see in a fresh way. But now that the pivotal character is successful, the struggle is over, there’s no where to take it.   Great planning there folks!
A show with sixteen producers, you’d think one of them would have spoken up and say “c’mon guys, they’re going to notice. his show needs honest tension. “
What’s uuuup with the increased screen time for Ari’s daughter (two expressions: smile and blank stare) and wife (hot JAP with tude, dude, but you gotta reign it in, keep them wanting more). We don’t want to see Ari’s domestic strife! < spits > I was getting indigestion as the episode turned into a functional version of the Brady Bunch. Or Father Knows Best. Or Bachelor Father.
Sheesh. Never have I seen a show crash and burn so fast, so unexpectedly. Not only has it gotten stale, it’s got mould.
And what the F is with the introduction of the obnoxious jail bird friend into the mix, what the HELL was on their collective minds? A revisit of Oliver, the kid you bring in to save the franchise? HELLO (fer chrissakes ask your interns): that move does not work. 
Too bad they’re not so cure when they grow up, methinks.
Bleeeergh. Look! Down there! Fonzie! Is that a shark!


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