Should we Take the Smelly Bait?

This story, as well as others in recent days following the assassination of Al Zarqawi have a suspicious ring.

Some have questioned if Al Zarqawi indeed existed. Was he just a straw man propped up to be knocked down, and the US president can get an easy win to up his poll numbers when needed?

What makes one suspicious are a couple of recent events that just don’t ring true.

  1. Why did Al Qaeda publicly name a ‘successor’ rather than remain schtum? To tell the US and the world who to start looking for so they can start the manhunt all over again is pretty stupid¹… wouldn’t it be smarter to keep the US guessing? After all, this is Qaeda, not a sovereign national power with a hierarchy and bureaucracy to support and be recognized. They are a guerilla force, and play by different rules.
  2. The letter that is reported as being found in one of the Zarqawi safe houses (not the one in which he died) reportedly contains text which acknowledges that the US is winning. This is fortuitous if it’s true.

That these events coincide when the US president is unpopular because the war has been going so bad could simply be dumb luck (and maybe in Chimpface’s case it is). Applying Ocham’s razor to the recent events leaves one with the suggestion neither event can possibly be authentic. Wishful thinking perhaps, something made up in the inner sanctum by old hands perhaps. As a long time fan of the study of war time propaganda, this certainly smells vintage. An old tactic, planting the enemies ‘secret musings’ to bring a naive and trusting public back into the fold.

I guess we’ll know if #2 is an authentic report when the bombings stop or even slow down over the proceeding weeks and months, and the poor Iraqi souls and American occupying forces stop dying so needlessly.

1. To keep bombing until you hit the target you’ve been searching for, akin to aiming for the needle in a haystack, isn’t not the way to spend tax dollars, son.


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