The Cold Shoulder

I called my A1 case worker today, who is the person I check in with on a periodic basis. A1 is a well known employment service which I signed on with May 25 in an attempt to find work. P is my ‘account executive.’
I made several calls last week to P and made changes to my resume to suit each position. Each position was an administrative capacity, one was even in a purchasing department, something where I know my way around. I called P for updates last week at least once per day, up until last Friday. Today I called and couldn’t reach him. I was intercepted by ‘Dave’ who would email P that I called.
All of a sudden, it would seem, the past is catching up with me. These last three years I’ve spent examining my life and seeking out alternatives (thanks to the good fortune of my years of saving and the sale of my house) to the 9-to-5.
And to enjoy life away form the rat race, something few get to do.
I re-decided recently, thru heated discussions with my spouse, that I should return to the work-force. My internet project has not progressed for months primarily due to my depression about the state of my marriage. This slow-down lead me down the path to visit A1.
And it would seem I am on my own again. Naturally.
Time to review again my options. Let’s see… there is Cal-Jobs, yet another agency, Careerbuilder, etc.
Since I have a CDL and live in the proximity of at least two ready-mix companies, I will investigate that next, on my own, and see where that leads me. I have no experience with driving a ready-mix truck, but one of the sites recruiting drivers said that experience was helpful but not mandatory.
Ve shall zee.


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