What’s Next?

Kenny-boy and Skittles have been convicted by jury, and so it seems the next step is fronting an appeal.
This is their right to do so. I suppose that ultimately their conviction could get over turned. But before we go all negative here, let’s allow ourselves to bask in the warm glow that these two cretins could possibly be ass-raped in a federal pen (OK, club fed is probably where they’ll wind up eventually, but let’s enjoy the fantasy while we can).
Watching the post verdict news conference in front of the courthouse, Skittles and his lawyer Petrocelli thanked a bunch of people. What did they think this is, the Oscars? You didn’t win, Danny-boy. I was wishing someone would just yell out looooo-zer. Oh we’re all so grown up now.
When will we know the fix is in?
When Kenny gets a pardon after his boy Duhbya leaves office. You just wait and see. Maybe even earlier than that. Them mash notes Kenny-boy wrote to Duhbya will pay off.
One other note: this is a very public rebuke of Duhbya and his in-bred cronyism that hasn’t percolated up yet into the public discourse. I suppose it will, and certainly Fux News is preparing the spin.

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