They’re going to build a what?

A 300 mile fence across a two thousand mile border (I couldn’t think up a finer metaphor for how thinly stretched resources are). Yeah, right.

And this is how they plan to go forward? What’s is next on the agenda? Probably amnesty for those hard working people that deserve better from their own governments? And from ours, they’ll have to pay some kind of fine, which of course will be easy to pay from their high paying jobs, and get a not-exactly-free pass to be a ‘guest worker.’
Why can’t I get my guests to do a little work to earn their keep?

Tom Sawyer has met his match.

And of course the minimum wage will be kept unreasonably low so businesses who have been employing illegal workers in the modern equivalent of the American master/slave system that has served so well profit nicely off their wet backs.

The politicos have been able to appease some of their people with half-brained schemes, like that goddamned wall proposal. Instead of enforcing the rule of law, which is probably this country’s proudest achievement, scoundrels have found a work around, selective enforcement, for their enrichment. They have exploited the weak, weakened the poor, profited immensely, and laid the groundwork for future erosion of the rights of the great unwashed.

All in a masterful use of the exploitive powers of free capital and executive muscle.


Molly Ivins May 22 column says it best. An exceprted quote:

“Are they insane? As Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano observes, “Show me a 50-foot wall, and I’ll show you a 51-foot ladder.”


4 Responses to They’re going to build a what?

  1. hagfish says:

    I think I love you. So glad I tripped over your listing as I was signing out.

    I’ll be back!

    Aren’t they a bunch of putzes?

  2. hagfish says:

    Off topic:
    I just read your profile. Into film.

    I’m exploring Asian stuff now. Love Korean movies and ultra strange, somehow deeply satisfying K Drama (a world all it’s own).

    Chinese: Infernal Affairs Trilogy. Fantastic stuff! Look at reviews on web.

    Bukowski is good, and Donald Westlake is super great. “Cops and Robbers”…ahhh, yes. A funny man.

    Good luck with your blog! I’ll give you a link from mine since you’re so cool.
    Best to you,


    A confirmed read! I want to paste an eyeball decal on the side of my pc! Something Rat Finky.

    Appreciate the link, and in the spirit of log rolling I’ll certainly reciprocate.

    On K-cin I’ve got Old Boy and Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance and they are both quite unlike anything done here or in Europe. There’s a knife edgyness that reflects the brutality of the cold war that still goes on in that part of the world (reading ‘official’ pronouncements from various ‘unofficial’ NK sites is one of my favorite ways to pass time).

    In absence of a cold war we’ve gotten staid and lost our edge, and people we’ve entrusted to lead us in this republic have betrayed us time and again and decided to let the good times roll and what do we do? Thank you sir, may I have another.

    So much apathy, so much apathy.

    I’m feeling listless now.


  4. hagfish says:

    Oh…try Memories of Murder. Set in the time of the Military rule over Korea. It’s a great movie. You can find it at Amazon fairly reasonably.

    I haven’t seeneither Old Boy, or Sympathy… I don’t know that I can handle the extreme violence of Sympathy…Old Boy looks like a heart-breaker. Strange story.

    I have other blogs. Not listed at Hagfish. If you’re interested e-mail me and I’ll send links. Political stuff. E-mail addy at profile.

    Have a nap.

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