The policies of your government may prevent economic recovery

And it might be all part of the grand plan.
Soup line
Deja vu all over again?

According to this world-wise article there are dire consequences for all but the privileged (the other 95% of US) as we won’t find it easy to recover should there be some catastrophic economic disaster.
Is it unreasonable to expect a setback to US on the scale of our stock market crash and depression? Is it more reasonable to expect our economic health always be good? Is it good to have blind faith, and expect our government will rescind or suspend certain laws that lock wealth into the hands of so few, and help the entire country can recover and again prosper? Will those who don’t make the cut be relegated to internment camps for the unemployed?

I may have been asleep when this happened, so can someone tell me, at what point did freedom of capital exceed in importance the freedom of the individual? Much obliged.

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