Match Point

Finally got to see it.
This is a Woody Allen movie in name only. He doesn’t appear. Here he is attempting to play it straight with melodrama-mystery. The last Allen film of consequence was Crimes and Misdemeanors. This attempt is better than anything he’s attempted in recent memory. He’s returning to the drama of that earlier film, but with something that ultimately feels more like a BBC feature that might appear on PBS Mystery here.
He’s also grappling not so much with issues of one’s conscience but here with a main character who clearly lacks one. So, without that struggle, it’s hard to relate to the main character. Unless you’re a sociopath.
The lead actress belongs in the category of overhyped. She was okay, but presents nothing in the character to make you like her (except her c-cups perhaps). Note to Johansen: give the audience something to hang on to other than your physical asset, cos we need more women in cinema worth risking all for, and personally I don’t find you worth more than a 2nd look.
If perceived physical beauty is your sole criteria for judging a potential female partner, if you like her ‘unconventional’ beauty you’ll find her charming. But if it was I meeting her at a party, well, charmed isn’t the how I’d feel. Annoyed at the whiny, self involved flake in front of me, more like.
Besides there are a couple of plot incongruities at the end that should have been cleaned up; things that really are obvious to any mystery genre watcher, and detract from any chance that a life and death moment has at having some impact on you, the viewer. When it happens, you’re meant to feel shocked; I was just sort of wondering why Allen thought it was worth going down this path, because the potential prize really didn’t warrant it.
My $.02

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