Windows Vista

I read PC Mag and PC World like most folks. In my view, PC Mag has higher credibility, and that’s mostly down to the fact that they have Dvorak on board. If they ever lost him, they’d lose me as a reader too.
That aside, there is really very little difference between them. They both provide useful news and updates (but since their slaves to lead time, they’re a bit slow). But it’s nice to have the ability to read it ion a big easy chair and not have to look at yet one more thing on a screen (although I usually read the e-book form of both).
That small difference aside, I’ve always had a problem with these two publications. They are such suckasses to Microsoft that if I were a teenager I’d exaggerate and say they make me want to puke. But I’m a sober and middle aged adult, and I realize that commerce and peddling ass is pretty much how things work around here.
The majority of my information comes from Digg and Slashdot. I peruse these daily and check my RSS feed and my Yahoo page. Easy peasy really, no complaints.
But since their early days (early to mid 90’s) these two have annoyed me with their turning handsprings for Gates and Ballmer. Their posture is that Redmond can do no wrong, and when they do they’ve masterfully covered their arses by carefully explaining things so that things were never that way. Oh no.
And now just having read the latest copied I’ve had a laugh.
Windows Vista was famously delayed (yet again) and of course the lead times make this point all the more glaring: these two mags have been getting their audience ready for all this next great thing. They’ve dealt with the previous delays like the best PR flacks.

But since MS has delayed Vista for another year I couldn’t help but laugh as I wondered how the people manning these two suckass publications are sat back, scratching their heads, trying to figure a way they will keep their audiences interest in the subject of Vista for the next 10-12 months. How do we sell this latest delay?

Of course the OS is soooo bloody IMPORTANT that they got to make sure they get it juuuust right so don’t worry trust us we are the experts here.

I suppose if they hadn’t inflated the importance of it in the first place, it wouldn’t be so bad.
Blow me ;^P

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