Last year (beginning in July ’05) I embarked on adventure when I decided it was finally time to do something that I have always wanted to do: drive a truck.

A semi diesel tractor has about 400 hp and over 1,000 ft-lbs of torque. It requires a few easily attainable skills and the ability/desire to work long hours, sleep in unfamiliar places, be away from home for long stretches of time (weeks, even months), for little pay.

So why did I think this was a job for me?First, I’ve been unemployed since May 2003, living off my savings. I’ve been investigating different alternatives than working at a job (since I’ve done that for awhile). Not just be my own boss: but be in control of my own destiny.

So you picked truck driving? you ask? I have my reason: to have somethig to fall back on So I set about obtaining the license and getting adequate training.

I wanted to get out and see this country, and what better way to do it? Especially the parts only I think I enjoy: rail yards, old manufacturing facilities, the big open landscape of Kansas and Wyoming. From a high perch.

And see it I did. I intend to post some pics when I figure out how to do that (does WordPress have a Gallery feature?)

More later.


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