Fux News

It’s getting to the point of bothering me now.

On occasion I switch the channel to Fux, as you do, when you want to be entertained or otherwise disengage from reality. Fine, I hear you say, it’s performance art of the highest order, and watching the preening ladies and gentlemen grandly obfuscating in front of their highly polished sets and snazy graphics, one can understand why so many of my fellow countrymen/women are easily influenced by this sizzle.

It’s good dirty fun. I don’t for one minute think the middle Americans the people at Murdoch Towers have their highly sensitive e-meters tuned to are taken in so easily. Mostly (I presume) citizens listen and watch because it’s closest to what they want to hear, and nobody else is speaking to the issues in a way they can relate to. And by gummit, it’s great to be right!
I also think people want to have faith in their leaders: “a dumbass he may be, but he’s our dumbass.”

But hell, even I get tired of hearing the dissenting voices from children when they don’t deserve an ice cream cone.

Either the wax needs to be cleaned out of my ears, or there is some subliminal messaging going on. I swear to Ged certain voices I hear there at Fux are pronouncing the network name wrong. Accidental or intentional? Is it sorta like when one was a young man of certain age and he’d (alright, I’d) hide a [expleteive deleted] in a cough or sneeze.

But why on earth do they do this? In front of an entire nation, and it’s completely overlooked. These Fux Network talking heads are presumably paid pretty well based on the wardrobes and hair styles. Did one person start it and it caught on via subliminal emulation?

Maybe they have a gripe with their boss, want to make their friends at home laugh, or they truly have a difficult time pronouncing the soft ‘o.’ I don’t know.

But it’s irritating to me now.

“Fux News Alert!”

“Fux News Correspondent in Afghanistan.”

“Fux News Expert.”

Am I alone here?



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